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Elephant Watering Can May 31, 2011

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I have been getting Disney’s Family Fun magazine for nearly a year now and just LOVE it!  There are so many fun ideas each month.  This elephant watering can is just one of the many ideas I had marked to try when I got time.  Will just loved it and already tried it out tonight watering our very first vegetable garden.

Supplies:  2  – gallon milk jugs

                    Craft Foam

                    Wiggly Eyes

                    Utility Knife


                    Hot Glue Gun

                    Super Glue (realized I needed that later)

                    Optional:  laptop to catch up tv shows online (Glee today) and Diet Coke


Using the utility knife cut the handle off of one of the milk jugs.  Cut the smaller end into a 1 1/2 inch circle and make small snips all the way around (of course I dove right into the project and didn’t read the directions and snipped both ends – oops).  Next, using a piercing tool, make holes on the handle.   Use the skewer to make the holes larger.  Cut a small hole in the lid.  Last, cut 2 large circles and 2 small circles from the craft foam.

Now for the assembly —- Use hot glue to attach the 2 large circles (ears) to each side of the 2nd milk jug.  Glue the wiggly eyes to the small craft foam circles and then glue them to the milk jug.  The directions say to hot glue the handle (spout) to the lid, but this did not work for me.  I later had to super glue the spout to the lid.  Lastly, cut a hole underneath the handle for a place to put the water.  I would suggest making the hole smaller than mine and further back, since water seemed to leak from this hole when you poured it.

Here’s the happy boy with his new elephant watering can!  See how it works…



Thomas Cake (probably the one and only) May 27, 2011

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Will requested a train cake for his 3rd birthday.  Last year I really wanted to do a form cake (is that what they’re called?), but tackled the flat decorated cake instead.  This year I was up for the challenge of tackling the BIG one.  Thanks to the gal that writes this blog http://thomasthetankenginecake.blogspot.com/ I was able to get a step-by-step tutorial that was awesome!  I was very happy with the final result, but there was a lot of crankiness involved to get to the final product (just ask my husband).  I believe I said a number of times, “If I EVER get one of these wild ideas again, just tell me NO, NO, NO!”  All the hours of work were worth it to see how excited Will was about his Thomas Cake.  He even requested that I make a Gordon Cake next year…..maybe 365 days in between will be enough time to erase the complexity of the project in my mind.

Will with his cake at his party!

Here are some pictures documenting the train building process.

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Ribbon Memo Board – Trains of course! May 26, 2011

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I have been searching stores for a ribbon memo board that would work in Will’s room.  There just are not any cute boards out there for boys.  Of course I had it in my head that it needed to be a train theme as well, so that narrowed my options even more.  Being a crafty person I thought, “I can make one of those things!”  I dialed up my friend, “Google”, and found some step-by-step instructions to make my own train themed memo board.  Well, I do have to say that Chris helped – he operated the staple gun!  I think our team-effort turned out pretty okay!

Here are the supplies I started with:

Supplies: 14 x 14 canvas, quilting batting, material, ribbon, decorative brads

1)  It was very quick and easy to make.  I think it took us less than an hour — 45 minutes maybe.  Just cut the quilt batting to the size of your canvas and the material a couple of inches larger.


2) Fold tightly over the canvas and staple to the side of the canvas.  Be sure to make smooth corners by folding them in an almost triangular shape (see photos).


3) Next stretch the ribbon from corner to corner making an “X” on the front.  Staple the ribbon in place on back of the board.


4) Lastly, push a decorative brad through the center of each ribbon cross, batting and canvas.  Secure it to the canvas in back. 

Now I”m ready to find a place to hang it in Will’s room. 


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