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Thomas Cake (probably the one and only) May 27, 2011

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Will requested a train cake for his 3rd birthday.  Last year I really wanted to do a form cake (is that what they’re called?), but tackled the flat decorated cake instead.  This year I was up for the challenge of tackling the BIG one.  Thanks to the gal that writes this blog http://thomasthetankenginecake.blogspot.com/ I was able to get a step-by-step tutorial that was awesome!  I was very happy with the final result, but there was a lot of crankiness involved to get to the final product (just ask my husband).  I believe I said a number of times, “If I EVER get one of these wild ideas again, just tell me NO, NO, NO!”  All the hours of work were worth it to see how excited Will was about his Thomas Cake.  He even requested that I make a Gordon Cake next year…..maybe 365 days in between will be enough time to erase the complexity of the project in my mind.

Will with his cake at his party!

Here are some pictures documenting the train building process.

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One Response to “Thomas Cake (probably the one and only)”

  1. Laura Eiesland Says:

    Cute…. AND it tasted GREAT!!!! Next time borrow my Wilton decorating bags and tips for an even easier cake assembly/decorating time. 🙂 They need to get used more by both of us!!!!

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