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stART ~ Ten Apples Up on Top June 6, 2011

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I found the idea for stART (story + art project) from the “A Mommy’s Adventure” blog http://www.amommysadventures.com/.  I decided summer vacation was the perfect time to start, so I found 10 books and projects to use.  If anyone wants to join us for a stART project, just let me know a week ahead.  We don’t have a certain day of the week we do them – just whenever it works out. 

Last Friday Will and I sat down for our first story and project.  We read one of his favorites, “Ten Apples Up on Top” by Dr. Seuss.  It was a perfect book since we’ve been working on counting and learning numbers this summer. 

After reading the book Will made a picture of 10 apples up on top of Will.  I had taken a picture of him and printed out a colored copy of it.  I cut around his whole body picture.  Will drew the grass, sky and sun with crayons and glued his body picture at the bottom of the paper (this boy loves a glue stick).  Lastly, he stamped 10 red apples on top of his head using an apple stamp with red ink .  He LOVED this project!  The next day, I got the greatest gift of all when he wanted to do it again! 

 The finished masterpiece!


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