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stART ~ A Piece of Chalk July 31, 2011

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We read the book “A Piece of Chalk” by Jennifer Ericsson.  I wasn’t familiar with this book, but really enjoyed it.  It is about a girl who spends a lot of time making an elaborate chalk drawing in the driveway only to have it washed away by the rain.  There is a silver lining in the end with a rainbow along with a rainbow of colors left on the driveway.  I think it really helped Will understand that sidewalk chalk drawings are only temporary. 


Of course for our project we had to go out in the driveway and play with sidewalk chalk!  I loved how Will wanted to make his drawing just like the girl in the book.  It was a Mother-Son teamwork drawing.


Saturday Rolls July 30, 2011

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Here it is — our Saturday morning guilty pleasure at the Peterson household.  We got into the habit of making these rolls almost every Saturday (especially during the winter).  We made them so often that one Saturday morning I woke Will up and he sleepily asked me, “Mommy, what you make in the oven?”  It happened to be the one Saturday I didn’t make rolls — I was just devastated.  If you should choose to take on the mission….enjoy Saturday Rolls!


Saturday Rolls

1 pkg (18-20) frozen roll dough

1 small pkg butterscotch pudding (Cook n Serve NOT instant)

1/2 c. sugar

2 T. cinnamon

1 c. nuts (we use pecans)

1 stick melted butter

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes

NOTE:  I half the recipe for our family and make 10 rolls.  Half a box of pudding is 1/3 c. (bake for 20 minutes)



VERY IMPORTANT:  Spray your bundt pan with cooking spray first thing.  Your rolls will stick to the pan if you forget.  Believe me I’ve forgotten so many times.  Also be sure to use cook n serve pudding — they will not turn out with the instant pudding.  Again, believe me I’ve done this before, too.



Combine the pudding, sugar, cinnamon and nuts in one bowl.  Place the butter in another (melt it in the microwave)

Place the frozen rolls in the pan.



Sprinkle the dry ingredients over the frozen bread dough.  Drizzle the melted butter evenly over the covered rolls. 



Cover them with a towel and let them sit overnight.  You do have to plan ahead to enjoy Saturday Rolls.  This is our Saturday Roll towel now since it is a bit stained (so don’t use your best towel).  We also put our rolls in the microwave overnight so our dog doesn’t get into it like she’s been known to do in the past (ie: made from scratch Easter carrot cake).



This is what they look like the next morning before you put them in the oven.  Bake them at 350 degrees for 20-30 min.


When they are done, invert the bundt pan onto another plate or pan.  Lift it carefully since the sticky sauce will run out.  BTW I was glad I picked this batch to blog about since it came out perfectly from the pan 😉  Believe me  it doesn’t always look like this. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



Summer ABC Book July 28, 2011

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One night I had some extra time so I flipped through some magazines at Barnes and Noble.   I found this project in one of the scrapbooking magazines (wish I could remember which one).  I really enjoyed this project and it was a perfect way to capture Will’s summer fun!

I mostly used what I had sitting around to create this album, but had to buy a package of blank index cards and a package of A-Z cards.  I found both items at Wal-Mart.  The A-Z cards were about $3 and the index cards were less than a $1.  Inexpensive project!

For the front and back covers I cut two pieces of cardboard the size of the index cards from an old box sitting around.  I used brown and orange ink to distress them and add some color.  I used stamps and stickers to decorate them. 

Before I started I mapped out a summer event and picture to match each letter of the alphabet .

Our Summer List from A to Z

A: 40th Anniversary    B: Blowing Bubbles    C: Children’s Museum

D: Daddy    E:  Emma    F: Fireworks    G:  Garden    H:  Hungry Caterpillar

I:  Ice cream    J:  Jump    K:  Kjersten    L:  Learning    M:  Movie

N:  Nature    O:  Owies    P:  Potty Training    Q:  Quiet    R:  Running  

S:  Slide    T:  T-Rex    U:  Uncle Tim    V:  VBS    W:  Wet    X:  Xtra Special Reward

Y:  Yogi Bear Campground    Z:  Zippity Zoo Day

Now for the really fun part…decorating each card.  Before decorating each card I hole punched the top left corner of each index card and each letter card.  They are clipped together with a book ring.  Here is a sampling of four of my favorite cards. 

As an after thought I thought it would be fun to add a little journaling to the back of each card that had more of a story to tell.  Here is the one card I’ve completed so far.  This will be a work in progress — a little at a time.  It will be fun to look back at all the little things you quickly forget about your little ones. 

Last, I added a few ribbons to the book ring to jazz it up a bit. 

I just love these quick start to finish projects!  Give this project a try to capture your summer memories. 


Fritos Bars July 27, 2011

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Try a little bit of this yumminess!

I think I got this recipe from a gal I used to work with.  If you love Special K bars, you will love Fritos Bars.  They are super easy and quick to make.  I served them for Book Club last night.

Fritos Bars

1 cup sugar

1 cup corn syrup

1 cup peanut butter

1 pkg Fritos chips

1 pkg chocolate chips



Empty the bag of Fritos into a cookie sheet/jelly roll pan and spread them out evenly. 

Mix the sugar and corn syrup in a saucepan and heat it to a boil (one or two bubbles). 

Remove from the heat and add the peanut butter and mix.  Pour this over the Fritos.

Sprinkle the chocolate chips on the top and let them set up. 

Cut into squares to serve the ooey, gooey, yummy goodness!




stART ~ The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

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Summer is a great time to eat OUTSIDE!  We do enjoy a occaisional picnic.  Last week we read the book “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” by Jimmy Kennedy.  I don’t know, but those bears sure know how to eat at their picnics.  All the sweet treats made me hungry while reading this book. 

This week’s art project had to be done in stages and probably wasn’t one of Will’s favorites.  It was maybe a little bit too complicated for a 3-year-old.  First I made “magic” paper by coloring every other square of folded paper with a white crayon.  (Note:  use a heavy paper — our paper was too light and the “magic” did not work).    Next, Will painted over the whole paper with red watercolor paint.  This is the part he wasn’t too into so it didn’t get painted quite enough.  This was supposed to look like the classic red and white checkerboard tablecloth.

Next, we talked about what kinds of food he would take on a picnic.  Will decided on grapes, pears, hot dogs and lollipops.  I found pictures of each food item on the internet, printed and cut them out.  Will used his new watercolor paints to color in each food picture.  I was impressed that he is starting to learn what color each item is and make it that color.  He also was working on not mixing up the colors in his new paint set.  This was his favorite part of the project.

After each piece dried, he glued them to his tablecloth paper using a glue stick.  Last, we used black stamp ink to make ants on the tablecloth.  He used his index fingerprint to create ants (3 prints in a row).

Here is the finished product.

For more great stART ideas visit A Mommy’s Adventures blog at http://www.amommysadventures.com/


stART ~ The Very Hungry Caterpillar July 25, 2011

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I just love how doing stART every week gets Will interested in new books.  A couple of weeks ago we read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle and now it is a daily (two times a day) read at our house.  He even has the story memorized which is fun to let him “read” the book to me!  It is also a great book to start acquainting kids with the days of the week, types of fruit and counting objects to 5. 


For our project we made a caterpillar out of an egg carton.  Will loved the painting part.  He made sure we got the face just right, too.  A few days later he decided the face was all wrong, but he was still proud of his work. 

Painting the face with red craft paint.

Painting the body green.


Add googly eyes and a pipe cleaner for antennaes. Draw on the nose and mouth.

For more great stART ideas visit A Mommy’s Adventure blog at http://www.amommysadventures.com/


A Little Bathroom Decor July 20, 2011

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I have been meaning to do this project for a long time.  My good friend, Suzie, of Defined Impressions (www.definedimpressions.com) took body part pictures of Will when he was 6 months old.  There they have sat with nothing done with them for … oh… THREE YEARS.  I finally picked four of my favorites and had them printed in 5 x 7 size.  (As he gets older I’m not so sure he’ll appreciate his bare bottom for everyone to see, but for now isn’t the cutest little thing?) Next, I went on the search for the perfect matted frames.  I finally found these at Hobby Lobby.  The picture opening is 5 x 5, so I cut the pictures to fit.  Last, I searched the Internet for a fun saying for a bathroom.  I fell in love with this one – “Of all the things you wear today, your smile is the most important.”  I bought some black vinyl to use with my Cricut machine.  I used the cartridge “Opposites Attract” and cut the letters at 2 1/4 inches.  Today I stuck the letters on the wall around the pictures.  Luckily, it turned out just as I had envisioned.


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