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stART ~ Corduroy’s 4th of July July 17, 2011

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In celebration of the 4th of July we read “Corduroy’s 4th of July” by Don Freeman.  It was a great way to prepare for all the fun things we were going to do for July 4th.  Turns out we were celebrating the day just like Corduroy with a parade, picnic and fireworks. 

For our project we made a red, white and blue windsock out of paper.  Will enjoyed dipping the star cookie cutter in paint to make images on the top of the windsock.  He also thought he was pretty big stuff when he got to use tape to finish it. 

I taped two pieces of blue paper together.  Will dipped a star cookie cutter into white craft paint to make the stars. 

I cut red and white tissue paper into strips.  Will glued them on the back of the blue paper with a glue stick in an alternating pattern.  I was impressed how quickly he picked up on the pattern. 

We taped the ends of the blue paper together in a tube.  Ta-da! a patriotic windsock.

Fro more great stART ideas visit A Mommy’s Adventure.  http://www.amommysadventures.com/


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