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Summer ABC Book July 28, 2011

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One night I had some extra time so I flipped through some magazines at Barnes and Noble.   I found this project in one of the scrapbooking magazines (wish I could remember which one).  I really enjoyed this project and it was a perfect way to capture Will’s summer fun!

I mostly used what I had sitting around to create this album, but had to buy a package of blank index cards and a package of A-Z cards.  I found both items at Wal-Mart.  The A-Z cards were about $3 and the index cards were less than a $1.  Inexpensive project!

For the front and back covers I cut two pieces of cardboard the size of the index cards from an old box sitting around.  I used brown and orange ink to distress them and add some color.  I used stamps and stickers to decorate them. 

Before I started I mapped out a summer event and picture to match each letter of the alphabet .

Our Summer List from A to Z

A: 40th Anniversary    B: Blowing Bubbles    C: Children’s Museum

D: Daddy    E:  Emma    F: Fireworks    G:  Garden    H:  Hungry Caterpillar

I:  Ice cream    J:  Jump    K:  Kjersten    L:  Learning    M:  Movie

N:  Nature    O:  Owies    P:  Potty Training    Q:  Quiet    R:  Running  

S:  Slide    T:  T-Rex    U:  Uncle Tim    V:  VBS    W:  Wet    X:  Xtra Special Reward

Y:  Yogi Bear Campground    Z:  Zippity Zoo Day

Now for the really fun part…decorating each card.  Before decorating each card I hole punched the top left corner of each index card and each letter card.  They are clipped together with a book ring.  Here is a sampling of four of my favorite cards. 

As an after thought I thought it would be fun to add a little journaling to the back of each card that had more of a story to tell.  Here is the one card I’ve completed so far.  This will be a work in progress — a little at a time.  It will be fun to look back at all the little things you quickly forget about your little ones. 

Last, I added a few ribbons to the book ring to jazz it up a bit. 

I just love these quick start to finish projects!  Give this project a try to capture your summer memories. 


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