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Anniversary Scrapbook August 3, 2011

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Since my hubby and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this Friday, I thought I better get busy and scrapbook last years’ photo.  When we got married I thought it would be fun to capture a picture of the happy couple once a year on our anniversary.  I figured I could handle creating one page a year in a smaller 9 x 9 book.  So far, so good!  I’m sure one day we’ll look back and marvel at how young and skinny we once were (okay already thinking that about our wedding photo).  To make it easy I decided to go with a color theme for the book : RED.  Red was one of our wedding colors, so it seemed appropriate.  I add a picture and a short note about what we did to celebrate the day. 

Last year was the big 5 years, but we never got around to celebrating just the two of us.  We never even took a picture.  When I was thinking back on it, I remembered it was that weekend that we took Will to Lakeville, MN to “A Day Out with Thomas”.  So this became our 5 year celebration/picture.


One Response to “Anniversary Scrapbook”

  1. Shaina Says:

    I absolutely love this idea! Now I just need to learn everything about scrapbooking… haha!

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