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stART ~ Beetle Bop August 4, 2011

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This week we were excited to have some friends join us for stART!  We read the book “Beetle Bop” by Denise Fleming.  This book shows all kinds of beetles and uses many words to describe how they look.  The illustrations are great!


Kjersten, Will, Alex and Sadie Dog enjoy the story!
For this week’s project everyone created their very own beetle.  I cut apart an egg carton so that everyone had one section.  First, they used watercolors to paint their beetle.  After they dried, the kids used markers to add spots, stripes or other details to their bug.  Last, we added googly eyes and pipe cleaner feet.  They all seem to enjoy the project.  Even little Lydia who is just a year old!


One Response to “stART ~ Beetle Bop”

  1. Anna Says:

    Our beetles are decorating the car headrest. Their legs are wrapped around the posts.

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