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One of My Favorite Places! August 11, 2011

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Some of you have been asking me to share my “new” scrapbooking space.  As many of you know we tend to move a lot.  Before we had Will, I had a whole room to set up my scrapbooking/crafting stuff in.  Well, that room was turned into a nursery and I was sent to the corner of the office with only a card table.  I think the biggest selling point for me to agree to move to our current house was the gigantic room in the basement that would easily fit our office and a scrapbooking area.  I must say I am in love with my crafting nook.

I was able to trade in my small card table for this desk, typing table and file cabinet.  A big thank you to my friend, Therese, for selling it to me!  Most of what I need is housed right at my desk.  If you are a fellow scrapbooker you have to know this is not all of my stuff – ha!!  It is a requirement as a scrapbooker to have a slight addition to paper among other pretties!  So….here’s the rest of my stuff stored in the closet!


Let’s take a closer look at a couple of things now.


This is one of the ways I organize my scraps.  This was part of a plastic organizer I had from way, way back.  The rest of it broke, but I kept this piece.  I labeled each drawer with a color or two and filled it up with scraps.  It has worked great!

Back to the desk area — On the typing table I have the greatest invention EVER — my Cricut Expression and cartridges.  I also have a color printer here.  Under the desk I store my rolling case and shoulder bag.  The black file box holds my paper.  I have 12 x 12 file folders for each color.  It holds the full sheets of paper and large scraps. 

On the main desk, I added this organizer piece.  It is actually a shoe rack I bought at K-Mart.  It works great to stack a number of items all in one area of the desk.  I have my stamp inks, chipboard letters, ribbon, idea books, idea notebook and xyron machines here.  Also, check out the awesome star clock I found at the Sidewalk Arts Festival last year! 

All summer I’ve been hemming and hawing about what to put up on the wall above my desk.  There are so many ideas out there.  I’ve been looking and looking at Pintrest for ideas.  I am always drawn to the gallery style of decorating so I gave it try  here.  I decided to be very practical and used things I already had sitting around the house — not a single new item was purchased for this display (yeah me — more money to spend on paper!). 

 I always like to personalize with pictures.  The white 12 x 12 frame in the upper left corner is a picture my mother-in-law and Will made for me for Mother’s Day with Will’s hand print (so special).  Next, is a frame I inserted some sort of metal piece in and then made magnets out of stickers to attach pictures of my trip to NYC in 2002.  The next column is a picture of Will that my friend, Suzie, took when he was 18 months old with all the fall colors (love it!).  Below that is a 12 x 12 clipboard for displaying scrapbook pages.  I plan to switch these out monthly.  Last is a corkboard.

This is the space where many of the tidbits here are born. 

Let the creating continue!


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