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stART ~ A House for Hermit Crab August 14, 2011

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Will is really interested in Eric Carle books lately.  This week our stART book was “A House for Hermit Crab” by Eric Carle.  We didn’t focus on the months of the year, which is one of the lessons in the book.  We focused on how the crab made his shell pretty and made friend along the way.  It also had an element of sharing when the hermit crab grew too big for his special shell and ended up giving his home and friends to another hermit crab looking for a bigger shell.

For the project we used the idea from “A Mommy’s Adventure” and decorated Will’s own shell.  Go here to get the templates for the crab and shell.  I also made a background sheet using scrapbook paper (water and sand) to glue the finished product on.  First, Will colored the crab and shell with crayons (you can see he wasn’t too into coloring this time).  Next, I gathered different items he could glue on the shell such as pom poms, foam stickers, googly eyes and feathers.  Will really loved using a glue bottle.  Like all kids, he does need some more practice using a glue bottle! 


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