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On the Shelf ~ The Midwife’s Confession August 15, 2011

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Another one of my loves is reading!  I just had to share my latest read with you all!  This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long, long time.  Our Book Club is reading “The Midwife’s Confession” by Diane Chamberlain.  One of our members, who is to remain nameless, rarely finishes our book each month.  She came to us with a recommendation to read this book because she just loved it and finished it in no time.  She was right!  It is a great book!

This book is about the relationship between 3 women who have been friends since college.  When a tragedy happens these friends find out they may not know each other as well as they thought.  The author spins twists and turns into this book all the way through.  Just after you are in disbelief after finding out a secret another one appears in the next chapter.  For me, it was like this all the way until the last few pages of the book.  I LOVED IT!!!!  To read another overview of this book click on the picture of the book above. 

If you’re searching for a new book, I highly suggest “The Midwife’s Confession” by Diane Chamberlain.  I’m excited to hear what everyone in my Book Club thought of it when we get together next week. 

Here’s a picture of me and my Book Club girls from last summer ~ We celebrated 7 years together in July. 


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