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Ruffled Curtain August 21, 2011

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My inspiration for this project came from Pintrest.  If you haven’t discovered Pintrest yet, it is a MUST for great ideas about anything you can imagine.  I loved the idea of the ruffled curtain as shown in the play kitchen above.  Also, I recently inherited a sewing machine from my mother-in-law when she got a new one, so I’ve been itching to give it a spin. 

Here are the instructions for this curtain that we used and tweaked.  I needed a little more detail on making ruffles, so I went here for a ruffle making tutorial.   The other bit of information I should share with you is I don’t think I’ve done a major sewing project since my pink and grey duffel bag I made in Home Ec.  So you know how long ago that was from the the popular color combination of pink and grey and that it was actually called Home Ec rather than FACS.  

At work when we converted on empty cubicle to a staff lounge area, I knew I just had to make the ruffled curtain to cover up our storage area.  It would be the perfect spot!  I enlisted the help of my mom to get me started.  We sure had a fun time together trying to figure out the gather and ruffling process.

Here are the fabrics I found — not too girly, yet not too masculine.  The theme I chose was cherries with the color scheme of black and red.  I got the fabric at Mills End Textiles.  It is a great place to shop for remnants.  All of these fabrics were remnants with the exception of the small cherry patterned fabric. 

First, we made each of the three ruffles.  We started by pressing the folds on three of the four sides and sewing the seam.    We kept the top of each ruffle as a raw edge since it wouldn’t show.  Next we were on to the gathering stitch.  We set the stitch length to the longest stitch and increased the tension on the sewing machine.  It took us a few trials, but we figured out that we had to start the gathering stitch about a 1/2 inch from the end (be sure to keep long tails with your threads).  Stop stitching a 1/2 inch from the opposite end (do not back stitch at either end).  Sew another gathering stitch 1/4 inch from the first in the same manner.  Pull the ends of the thread and your fabric should ruffle!  Tie the ends when you have the correct length and amount of gather. 

The top of the curtain is not ruffled, but loops over the rod to hold up the curtain.  I sewed all the ends of this piece of fabric. 

All the pieces are then sewn to a solid curtain.  I cut the solid piece to fit the space for the curtain.  The space I was

covering was 30 inches wide by 27 inches long.  Last, the non-ruffled piece was sewn to the top and folded over to

create a space to slip the rod through to hang the curtain.


Here is the finished curtain and its new home at work!

If you want to try this project, I would suggest reading the two blogs I linked above with more detailed instructions.  I am quite the novice seamstress.


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