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stART ~ The Very Lonely Firefly September 4, 2011

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This summer there were a ton of fireflies around here.  They are fun to watch light up the night.  We read the book, “The Very Lonely Firefly” by Eric this week.  This book follows a firefly as he searches for some firefly friends.  On his journey he meets several sources of light until he finally finds his friends.  I was disappointed that the copy of the book from the library was broken so the fireflies didn’t light up in the back. 

We made a firefly picture for our art project.  First we used white and yellow crayons on black paper to make a night-time scene (moon and stars).  Next we used colored band-aids to make the fireflies.  For the glow we dabbed some yellow puffy paint on the end of his tail.  Last, we added wiggly eyes. 


For more stART ideas visit www.mommysadventures.com.


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