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stART ~ Red Light Green Light October 14, 2011

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Last week we read the book “Red Light Green Light” by Margaret Wise Brown.  The book looks at the busy day and night life of a town and its stoplight.  It teaches kids that green means go and red means stop.  There is a lot to talk about in the illustrations in this book.  Will enjoyed the book and took it to daycare the next day to share with his friends. 

For our project we made stoplight cookies, which turned out pretty cute.  Will just loves helping make things in the kitchen.  His favorite part is the “snitching” we do while baking.  This time it was M&Ms we snitched.  This project really helped Will recognize the pattern of red, yellow and green on the stoplight.  He did such a good job placing the M&Ms on the cookies.  The next day we shared our cookies with the daycare kids. 

We took the easy way out and used the store-bought tube of sugar cookie dough.  Using a rolling-pin we rolled the dough flat and then cut it into rectangles using my Pampered Chef crinkle cutter tool (whatever that thing’s called). 

Next, we carefully put the rectangles on a cookie sheet.  Will added the M&Ms — red on top, then yellow and green.  I also had him watch so that the side with the “m” on it was down.  Last, I inserted the sucker stick into each rectangle of dough.  Once they were set we popped them in the oven. 



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