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Scarecrow Crunch October 29, 2011

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This recipe for Scarecrow Crunch snack mix came to me from a find on Pintrest!  It is from the site Just Make Stuff .  I made this snack mix last weekend when my brother and his girlfriend were home visiting.  We are just finishing up the last of it at work today.  It has been a hit!  I would definitely make it again.

If you can open a box or a bag, you can make Scarecrow Crunch!

Scarecrow Crunch

(Makes about 15 cups)

4 cups Oatmeal Squares cereal (I used cinnamon flavor)

4 cups mini twist pretzels

1 (22 oz) bag of Autumn Mix Candy

2 cups Reese’s Pieces

2 (6 oz.) boxes of Caramel Corn

1 bag of Chocolate Goldfish Crackers


Open everything and dump it in a big bowl.  Mix it up and ENJOY!


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