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Bits on the Shelf ~ The Christmas Wedding November 29, 2011

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If you are looking for a quick and delightful read this Christmas I would recommend “The Christmas Wedding” by James Patterson.  I seriously takes me forever to finish a book (I can barely finish a book each month for Book Club), but believe it or not I read this one in about a week! 

Gabby Summerhill lost her husband 3 years ago.  Since that time her four children have drifted apart and become consumed in their careers and busy lives.  They haven’t been together since their father’s death.  Gabby frequently sends her children video messages.  In one particular message Gabby announces that she is getting married on Christmas Day, but the groom will not be revealed until that day.  This intrigues the children and they all scramble home to see what this mystery is all about.  The funny part is not even the groom knows if he’s getting married that day or only be a witness.  In addition, it turns out that the groom isn’t the only surprise of the day. 

This was the first book I purchased on my Nook Color!  I was super excited to finally get to read a book on there.  I LOVE it (maybe that’s why I read it so fast)!  Great Christmas gift idea for the avid reader in your family!


stART ~ A Plump and Perky Turkey November 28, 2011

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The night before Thanksgiving we decided to invite some friends over for stART and a little fun with turkeys!  We read the book “A Plump and Perky Turkey” by Teresa Bateman.  This is a cute story about the people of Squawk Valley who are worried because there is not one turkey to be found for their Thanksgiving feast.  The people decide to hold a craft fair featuring turkey art.  They put up posters in the woods looking for a turkey model.  Pete the turkey takes on the job and ends up out-smarting the people of Squawk Valley, who are left with only shredded wheat for their feast. 



We made turkey centerpieces to go along with this book.  The boys did a wonderful job (with the help of their parents) and seemed to have lots of fun. 




First, paint the toilet paper tube completely with brown craft paint.




While the tube is drying, cut just a portion of the paper plate off to make the turkey’s feathers.  Use various colors of craft paint to draw feathers covering the entire front of the plate.

When the tube is dry glue on wiggly eyes, a beak and waddle.  Lastly, glue the tube to the feathers so that it stands up as a table centerpiece. 


The Three Pilgrims and their turkey projects!

Quintin (4), Will (3) & Spencer (2)



stART ~ Who Hoots? November 23, 2011

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This is the stART project we did last week, that I never got posted.  This idea came from Michelle at A Mommy’s Adventure.  We read the book “Who Hoots?” by Katie Davis.  This is a funny little book that follows the sounds different animals make (or don’t make).  It is also followed up with a fact about that animal.  It follows a pattern like this:

“Dogs don’t hoot. Pigs don’t hoot. Horses don’t hoot. Owls don’t hoot. Owls don’t hoot? YES THEY DO!”



For our project we made an owl out of paper plates.  Will always enjoys painting and gluing, so this was a perfect project for him. 



First, Will painted two paper plates with brown craft paint.  While we let these dry, we took a quick trip to Cherryberry for some frozen yogurt yumminess!


You can see that I cut small ears out of one of the paper plates.  Once the paint is dry, cut the second paper plate in half to create the owl’s wings.  I cut out 3 various sizes of circles for the eyes (white, yellow & black) using my Cricut machine.   Will glued the circles on top of each other to make a set of eyes.  We also cut a triangle from orange paper to make the beak. 



Last, I tried to glue the wing to the owl’s head.  This did not hold so I ended up stapling them. 


So proud of his work!


Turkey Treats

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In celebration of Thanksgiving, Will, Grandma Pam and I made these turkey treats to share with Will’s daycare friends.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  The best part was that Will absolutely loved this project and it kept his attention from start to finish.  


Turkey Treats

  Ritz Crackers  

Chocolate Frosting

Hershey’s Kisses

Candy Corn




You gotta love how three-year olds love to “help”.   Will unwrapped the kisses, while I frosted the Ritz crackers with chocolate frosting.  Helpful Hint – lay the cracker on the table to frost it rather than trying to hold it and frost it since the crackers break easily. 



Place the unwrapped Hershey Kiss towards the middle and bottom of each cracker.


Next, place the candy corn around the outside.  To make the turkey’s face spread a dab of frosting on the underside of one candy corn and place on top of the chocolate kiss.  Last, I put some frosting in a ziplock bag with a small corner cut off and squeezed it out to make eyes on the candy corn face.



Pic-Bit! November 18, 2011

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{this moment}

Joining Soule Mama in {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.



Pic-bit! November 11, 2011

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{this moment}

Joining Soule Mama in {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.



Bits on the Shelf ~ The First Day of the Rest of My Life November 8, 2011

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I just finished this book by Cathy Lamb.  It is a long book, but oh so good.  Our book club read it for the month of October.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy it.  The book starts off with three gunshots in the courtroom.  The gunwoman being the mother of the two sisters this book centers around.   It describes the sisters wonderful, yet awful, and secretive past.  The book goes back and forth between present day and the past following the sisters and their family.  Madeline takes after her mother as a life coach.  She offers “Dr. Phil”-type hard advice to her clients.  Her mother worked in her own beauty parlor where she offered tons of advice to her clients and adored her “Pink Girls” as she called her daughters.  Annie, the younger sister, is a vet who also dabbles in explosives.  Both women are career driven with no time or interest in love. 

As you read through this book pieces of the past fit together to reveal a past neither sister knew existed.  It also shows how the sisters help and encourage each other to dig out from under a horrible childhood experience.  Cathy Lamb’s website uses these words to describe the book.

                            “It’s about a beauty parlor on Cape Cod, pink, gunshots, a lavender farm in Oregon,

                             sisters, emotional weather, an Irish fisherman father, a grandfather’s terrible  secret,

                             a battered and scratched violin that tells a story all on its own, the Land of the Swans,

                             a mother with a yellow ribbon in her hair, lies, everlasting love, and starting over.”

If you’re looking for a good read check out “The First Day of the Rest of My Life” by Cathy Lamb


stART ~ I’m A Shark! November 7, 2011

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We aren’t sure where the idea came from, but Will requested to be a shark for Halloween.  Thanks to Old Navy for carrying an adorable shark costume this year, his wish came true.  After we purchased the costume he did teeter a bit between being a shark and Spiderman, but was sufficed by saving Spiderman for next year.  I went with his interest in sharks and found this cute book at the library, I’m a Shark by Bob Shea.  This “totally awesome shark” (as he calls himself) is not afraid of anything.  He brags to his sea creature friends about his bravery until they bring up the subject of spiders. 

For our project I found a very fun shark project at I Heart Crafty Things.  This site has the directions to make the Mr. Shark Chomper Game.  I also found over at Frogs in my Pockets downloadable flashcards to play the game.  The project was a lot of fun, but not nearly as big of a hit as the game was.  Don’t you love it when kids just love a learning game. 

Mr. Shark Materials:

letter-size envelope

gray marker or crayon

large wiggly eye

3-inch pieces of white yarn or ribbon

a strip of white felt

glue stick

hot glue gun

1.  First seal the envelope and color it gray.

2.  Cut a triangle piece out of one side of your envelope to make the mouth/fin.

3.  Take the triangle piece you cut out, put some glue on the inside of it to seal it together, and then glue it to the back of the envelope to make the fin.

4.  Hot glue on the large wiggle eye and the 3 pieces of ribbon (gills)

5.  Cut out two strips of felt the same length as the mouth and cut with a zig-zag to make teeth.  Hot glue them to the mouth.

 Now for the Alphabet Chomper Game!  Decide what skill you want to work on (alphabet letters, numbers, sight words, colors, counting, etc.).  Print out flashcards with the skill on cardstock.  Lay the flashcards out on the table or floor.  We started with the capital letters last night since I knew he would be successful with those.  I layed about 5 or 6 letter cards out at one time, so it wasn’t so overwhelming.  Next, I said, “Mr. Shark wants the letter ____.” or “Mr. Shark is looking for the letter that makes the _____ sound.”  Will would pick up the letter and put it in the shark’s mouth.  If your gently squeeze the sides of the envelope the mouth will open.  After Mr. Shark ate the 5 or 6 cards he would burp and spit out those cards (this was the favorite part of the game for sure!).  Then Will could hardly stand it until we had the next set of card set out to play again. 

For more stART ideas visit A Mommy’s Adventure


Pic-bit! November 4, 2011

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{this moment}

Joining Soule Mama in {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.



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