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Bits on the Shelf ~ The First Day of the Rest of My Life November 8, 2011

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I just finished this book by Cathy Lamb.  It is a long book, but oh so good.  Our book club read it for the month of October.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy it.  The book starts off with three gunshots in the courtroom.  The gunwoman being the mother of the two sisters this book centers around.   It describes the sisters wonderful, yet awful, and secretive past.  The book goes back and forth between present day and the past following the sisters and their family.  Madeline takes after her mother as a life coach.  She offers “Dr. Phil”-type hard advice to her clients.  Her mother worked in her own beauty parlor where she offered tons of advice to her clients and adored her “Pink Girls” as she called her daughters.  Annie, the younger sister, is a vet who also dabbles in explosives.  Both women are career driven with no time or interest in love. 

As you read through this book pieces of the past fit together to reveal a past neither sister knew existed.  It also shows how the sisters help and encourage each other to dig out from under a horrible childhood experience.  Cathy Lamb’s website uses these words to describe the book.

                            “It’s about a beauty parlor on Cape Cod, pink, gunshots, a lavender farm in Oregon,

                             sisters, emotional weather, an Irish fisherman father, a grandfather’s terrible  secret,

                             a battered and scratched violin that tells a story all on its own, the Land of the Swans,

                             a mother with a yellow ribbon in her hair, lies, everlasting love, and starting over.”

If you’re looking for a good read check out “The First Day of the Rest of My Life” by Cathy Lamb


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