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stART ~ A Plump and Perky Turkey November 28, 2011

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The night before Thanksgiving we decided to invite some friends over for stART and a little fun with turkeys!  We read the book “A Plump and Perky Turkey” by Teresa Bateman.  This is a cute story about the people of Squawk Valley who are worried because there is not one turkey to be found for their Thanksgiving feast.  The people decide to hold a craft fair featuring turkey art.  They put up posters in the woods looking for a turkey model.  Pete the turkey takes on the job and ends up out-smarting the people of Squawk Valley, who are left with only shredded wheat for their feast. 



We made turkey centerpieces to go along with this book.  The boys did a wonderful job (with the help of their parents) and seemed to have lots of fun. 




First, paint the toilet paper tube completely with brown craft paint.




While the tube is drying, cut just a portion of the paper plate off to make the turkey’s feathers.  Use various colors of craft paint to draw feathers covering the entire front of the plate.

When the tube is dry glue on wiggly eyes, a beak and waddle.  Lastly, glue the tube to the feathers so that it stands up as a table centerpiece. 


The Three Pilgrims and their turkey projects!

Quintin (4), Will (3) & Spencer (2)



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