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Bits on the Shelf ~ The Christmas Wedding November 29, 2011

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If you are looking for a quick and delightful read this Christmas I would recommend “The Christmas Wedding” by James Patterson.  I seriously takes me forever to finish a book (I can barely finish a book each month for Book Club), but believe it or not I read this one in about a week! 

Gabby Summerhill lost her husband 3 years ago.  Since that time her four children have drifted apart and become consumed in their careers and busy lives.  They haven’t been together since their father’s death.  Gabby frequently sends her children video messages.  In one particular message Gabby announces that she is getting married on Christmas Day, but the groom will not be revealed until that day.  This intrigues the children and they all scramble home to see what this mystery is all about.  The funny part is not even the groom knows if he’s getting married that day or only be a witness.  In addition, it turns out that the groom isn’t the only surprise of the day. 

This was the first book I purchased on my Nook Color!  I was super excited to finally get to read a book on there.  I LOVE it (maybe that’s why I read it so fast)!  Great Christmas gift idea for the avid reader in your family!


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