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Slip…Slide…and the Gingerbread House Fell Down December 2, 2011

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Last Sunday Will and Grandma Pam sat down to build a gingerbread house together.  Will was very excited (mostly about sampling the candy — he does have his mother’s sweet tooth).  Grandma had cut out the pieces and baked the gingerbread.  They worked together to make the frosting/icing. 

All was going well, until we all got in a big hurry to finish the house and didn’t let it dry properly before decorating it.  It was like a scene from “The Three Little Pigs” where the wolf huffs and puffs and blows the house down.  We finally threw in the towel and decided to treasure the pictures I had taken along the way and the memories of the fun of putting it together. 

As you can see, not every project goes exactly as planned. 








It sure would have been a cute house, huh? 


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