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stART ~ The Rain Train December 11, 2011

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I guess this is a busy time of year.  We did this stART project a while ago and I’m just getting it posted now.  We didn’t even get to do a stART project this past week.  We’ll get back on track, I’m sure.  If you know my boy there is one thing he LOVES and that is hands down TRAINS.  For this stART activity, I picked out a train book and project. 



The book I found at the library was called “The Rain Train” by Elena de Roo.  This is a very rhythmic, sing-song book.  If you ever need to teach a lesson about onomatopoeia – this is your book!  It is full of so many sound words such as pitter-pat, pitter-pat, pittery-pat-pat, ca-shish, and shhhhhh.  It follows a train chugging through the night in the rain.  The kids visit all different kinds of cars such as the passenger car, dining car and sleeper car. 


I got our project idea from Little Page Turners. (She has so many great ideas – check out her blog) We made a shape train together.  Anytime Will gets to use a glue stick, he’s a happy guy!  I pre-cut the shapes and Will glued them into place using the blog example.  Last, we added our own touch to the project and glued stretched out cotton balls to make the steam coming from the train.  It was a great lesson in learning the shapes and following directions. 




For more stART ideas visit A Mommy’s Adventures!



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