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Cup Cozy January 10, 2012

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I found this adorable snowman cup cozy about a year ago in Disney’s Family Fun magazine.  Making them has been on my “to-craft” list for that long as well.  This year I decided it was the perfect gift for my co-workers, teacher gifts and other friends.  They were very fun to make and so quick!  Can you believe they are made from a SOCK?




I cut about a 3-4 inch tube from a fun pair of socks.  I had been collecting fun socks when they were on sale or clearance.You can also find some fun socks in the Dollar section at Target.  I got about 4 cozies out of a pair of socks. 




Next, I slipped the cozy on the cup.  I used both reusable coffee mugs and the insulated straw cup depending on if I knew the person was a coffee drinker or alternative-caffeine-morning fix-drinker.  I learned after my first batch of cups that is was smart to put a small index card behind the cozy before gluing the snowman piece to the cup since the glue tended to seep through to the cup.   


You could add just about any decoration to your cozy.  I thought the button snowman was so cute.  I used clear buttons with white cardstock adhered behind.  Then I cut a tiny scarf out of red felt. 

Using a strong glue, I glued the buttons and scarf to the cozy.  That’s all it takes — so, so easy!


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