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Growing Up so FAST January 16, 2012

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Every Martian Luther King Jr. Day since these Three Musketeers were born, we have gotten together for a playdate.  Today was our 4th annual meeting.  Will met his buddies, Kjersten and Zoe, at Sanford’s New Baby and Me class shortly after they were all born in March 2008.  We continued to meet Thursday afternoons through that first summer.  It has been fun to watch all these first-born kids grow, and nice for their moms to have each other to learn from, too!  As you can see Will has always seemed to be a baby giant next to these two sweet girls – ha! 


I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane today.

Everyone now on the move about 10 months old at our First Annual Playdate in 2009!


Nearly entering the twos I think they all wondered why their moms made them squish together in this chair.  They had a ball this year playing with snow inside on the rug — 2010!


Now almost 3 they were busy, busy playing and learning to share – 2011!


And today’s playdate — 2012!  It was so fun to watch them play games together and work to build this Lego creation with the train on top (for Will of course).  We sadly missed Zoe this year, but maybe we can reschedule another day so she and her mom can join us. 


Time sure flies by so quickly.  It seems like yesterday we were holding them close at baby class and now they are gaining more and more independence.  It is fun to have special friends (for the kids and the mommies)! 



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