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stART ~ Sadie and the Snowman January 29, 2012

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The snow has finally hit South Dakota (to stay I’m afraid) so it finally doesn’t feel so weird to be reading all those winter books.  This week we used one of our favorite winter books, “Sadie and the Snowman” by Allan Morgan.  If you haven’t read this book, it is a must!

This book is about a little girl named, Sadie, who spends the whole winter building and rebuilding snowmen.  As the winter goes on the snowman gets smaller and smaller (as do the supplies she uses to make the eyes, nose and mouth).  With each snowman the birds eat the eyes, the squirrel eats the noses and the raccoon eats the mouths.  At the end of winter Sadie does something special to save her snowman for next winter.  Read the book to find out!

For our project we of course made a snowman!

This was another Pintrest  idea.  It was a quick and easy project with so many good skills for the preschooler. 

Will had his first lesson in lacing.  I used a hole punch to make the holes around a small, white paper plate.  I taped the end of a piece of white yarn to the back of the plate and then also rolled tape around the opposite end so it wouldn’t ravel during the lacing.  It took a little while, but Will got the hang of it with some help.

Next, we used wiggly eyes, orange construction paper and chocolate chips to make the snowman’s face.  Will was so excited to put the chocolate chips on (and snitch quite a few for himself). 

Here is the finished product!  It turned out pretty cute.  Will gave his snowman project to his Great-Grandma T. for her 98th birthday.  He didn’t pose too long for the picture (playing with cousins to do), but he did present it to her with a hug!  (BTW ~ Saturday is jammie day at our house for as long as possible)


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