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Rolled Pickles January 31, 2012

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So whenever I’m asked to bring an appetizer to share, I am “expected” to bring the rolled pickles.  I made this last weekend when we had friends and family over for our baby’s reveal cake party.  I made two jars of pickles this time and there wasn’t a single crumb left on the platter!  I was also asked (told) if I was going to make them for the Super Bowl this coming weekend again.  OF COURSE! 


You will need:

Whole Dill Pickles (2 jars)

Whipped Cream Cheese (1 tub)

Dried Beef (1/2 lb)

There are several methods you can use to make these pickles.  When I first started making these I spread the cream cheese on the pickle and then rolled it in the dried beef.  After a while a friend told me she spread the cream cheese on the dried beef and then rolled the pickle (genius!).  Well, for this batch of pickles I had to go back to my old method of spreading the cream cheese on the pickle, because the dried beef from the deli was too thin and shredded to be able to spread anything on it. 


Before spreading the cream cheese on either the pickle or meat, I dried the pickle with a paper towel and cut each end off the pickle.



Roll it up all nice and neat.  Sometimes you have to piece it together and perform a little surgery.  Last, cut the pickle into slices and place them on a tray. 



Oh, and by the way check out our reveal cake to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl this time around!




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