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Groundhog Day! February 2, 2012

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We had a fun night tonight with our friends, Amanda, Bella and Sophia!  They had us over for pizza and we brought the crafts!  Unfortunately, we didn’t have a Groundhog book so it was just a craft minus the story.  I found this idea in combination from Pintrest and A Mommy’s Adventure. 


First, the kids colored a printable of a groundhog, and the adults helped the little ones cut them out.




Next, each kiddo was given a strip of green construction paper with a line drawn on the back.  They used a scissors to cut fringes up to the line (creating something that looks like grass).




Using a brown crayon, the kids colored their styrofoam cup to look like the ground (groundhog burrow). 



Last, all the pieces were assembled together.  The groundhog was taped to a popcicle stick.  We poked the stick through the bottom of the cup so the groundhog could move up and down out of his burrow.  We also taped the green grass around the top of the cup. 




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