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Valentine’s i-pods February 4, 2012

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Last weekend a girlfriend and I got together to make Valentine’s treats for our kiddos to give to their friends.   We found this idea for the Valentine’s i-pod on Pintrest.  The original idea came Family Fun magazine

We started with these boxes of Conversation Hearts.

I cut various Valentine papers to fit the width of the Conversation Heart boxes.  I also copied the i-pod dial and screen from this location and cut them out.

Roll the paper around the box of Conversation Hearts and secure it with adhesive or tape.



Next, we taped a Hershey Kiss to each end of a length of yarn to make the ear buds.

We taped the folded length of yarn to the top of one side of the covered box of hearts.  Last, we put each i-pod in a clear baggie to make them easier to transport to our friends.  Hopefully, it will be a rockin’ Valentine’s for everyone!



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