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stART ~ Franklin’s Valentines February 10, 2012

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Since Valentine’s Day is next week, we dug into our collection of Valentines’ books.  We picked one with one of our favorite book characters, Franklin!  We read “Franklin’s Valentines” by Paulette Bourgeois.  On Valentine’s Day when Franklin is in a rush to get to school his valentines fall out of his backpack when he’s running for the bus, but he doesn’t realize it.  When it is time to pass out valentines, he has none.  Franklin learns both what is like to be a friend and the gift of unconditional love in a friendship. 



We had our friends Rylee and Drew over for supper the other night and decided it was the perfect night for them to join us in our project fun!  We, of course, had to make valentines!  This project using heart stamps came from Pintrest via Rust and Sunshine.  Will’s 4 valentines went out in the mail today for some special family members!



To make the heart stamps take a toilet paper roll and crease it in half lengthwise.  Then bend one side on the crease inward to create the rounded parts of the heart.  Secure the heart into place by wrapping a piece of tape around the toilet paper tube.  Now you are ready to stamp!



 For more stART ideas visit A Mommy’s Adventures.


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