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stART~ All You Need for a Snowman February 26, 2012

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Last week we read another cute snowman story called “All You Need for a Snowman” by Alice Schertle.  This story follows a group of kids out playing in the snow.  They begin building a snowman when one little snowflake falls from the sky.  Piece by piece they add to the snowman until he is all decked out!  It is a great little story with wonderful illustrations.


For our project we constructed a snowman of our own (inside – since at that time there was no snow here). 




We started with a toilet paper roll.  Will painted it with white craft paint. 


The next day, after the paint dried, we added all the details.  I hole-punched a hole near the top on either side of the tube.  I strung a pipe cleaner through to make the band of the earmuffs.  Then we glued on the sparkley pom-poms to each side (covering the holes).  We added buttons, wiggly eye, a paper carrot nose and drew on the smile with a black pen.


We added it to our winter decorations in the dining area at home.  This was a fun little project! 



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