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Spiderman Birthday Party ~ Part 2 ~ Decorations & Favors March 31, 2012

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I had so much fun creating all these fun decorations and favors for Will’s birthday party.  My Cricut machine sure got a workout like it has never had before.

I didn’t have a lot of decorations for the party, but when I saw these call-out signs on Jolly Mom, I had to give them a try!  There are printable templates available on Jolly Mom.  I decided to recreate them using my Cricut machine.  I found the call-out shape on the “Plantin’ Schoolbook” cartridge and the letters came from “Opposites Attract”.

I cut out the regular shape in various colored cardstock and then did the shadow image of the shape in black cardstock.  I did a coordinating color cardstock for the letters.

I added a wooden skewer to each sign so that they could be held by the kids in pictures or be stuck in buckets as part of the decorations.  This worked slick!  I taped the skewer to the black paper with scotch tape and then used adhesive to attached the colored piece on top.

I had each child pick a call-out sign to hold and took their picture in front of the cake table and the city background.  I later used these pictures as thank-you cards.  Here we see the cutie sisters, Bella and Sophia!  One day when I was shopping in the dollar section at Target, I found those cute little Spiderman pails.  I filled each pail with Will’s favorite kinds of candy (licorice, gummy worms, salt water taffy and fireballs -just had those on hand) and stuck a call-out sign in each of those.

Thanks to the Jolly Mom, again, we had these adorable no-sew superhero capes as party favors for all the kids.  A BIG THANK YOU goes out to my mom, mother-in-law and aunt-in-law for helping me with these capes.  We made about 20 capes in two hours one Sunday afternoon.  (and yes, I do realize that Spiderman doesn’t really have a cape, but just go with it for the party theme)

We started with two different colors of felt.  I can’t quite remember how much I bought.  It was probably 2-4 yards of each color.  We ended up with just about enough and some left over pieces.

When you visit Jolly Mom there is a printable pattern to use to cut out the capes.  We pinned the pattern to the folded felt and started cutting away!

From the scrap pieces we cut oval shapes and sewed them to the back of each cape.  Inside each oval we put the child’s initial that I freehand cut out of felt.  We used craft glue to glue the letters on.  Nancy sewed the ovals on to the capes and Pam ironed the capes and stuck velcro on the straps of the cape (using the self-stick velcro).

The capes didn’t seem like that big of a hit at the party, but several parents have told me they are a big hit at home.  Some kids even have slept in their superhero capes!  I wish I would have gotten a group picture of the kids in their capes, but with so many little ones it was just too hard to orchestrate it.

I wasn’t going to do any favors beside the superhero capes, but then I saw this pattern in the new Close To My Heart catalog and just HAD to make them!  I never got a picture of the favors with the goodies inside, but they had a twirly straw, Spiderman tattoos, Spiderman cookie and Pixie sticks.

I cut the fry boxes out on my Cricut using the CTMH “Art Philosophy” cartridge using the CTMH Superhero paper pack.  They were simple to cut and fold together.  To embellish them I cut the cityscape, call-out and “4” from the “Plantin Schoolbook” cartridge.  I found the Spiderman stickers at Wal-Mart.  These favors were a big hit!


Pic-bit! March 30, 2012

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{this moment}

Joining Soule Mama in {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week (or in this case last week). A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.



Pic-bit! March 23, 2012

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{this moment}

Joining Soule Mama in {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week (or in this case last week). A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.





Spiderman Birthday Party ~ Part 1 ~ Invitations March 22, 2012

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Now that the madness of Will’s Spiderman 4th Birthday Party is over, I can finally take some time to post some of the fun I had planning his party.  It was a lot of work, but also so much fun!  Today we’ll start with the birthday invitations. 

Many of my ideas for his party came from Pintrest and The Party Wall (Amy Atlas).  Thank you for all the great ideas!  I really should not get consumed in all the blogs out there with so many fun ideas, but it is so much fun!



 First, I found a Spiderman head coloring page online.  I copied it on to red cardstock and cut them out.  I thought they were too blah, so I added some white glitter to the eyes to liven old Spidey up! 



On the back of Spiderman’s head is all the party information.  I wasn’t sure how to find cheap Spiderman comic books to just cut up.  Feeling sort of silly, I went to a local collectibles store and asked the nice young man at the counter what I was looking for.  I’m so glad I stopped there and asked because apparently they have boxes and boxes of old comics that are in poor condition that they sell for CHEAP!  I was able to find about 3-4 Spiderman comic books from the 80’s to cut apart for the invitations.  I traced the head shape (a little smaller) and cut the piece out from the Spiderman comics and used adhesive to glue them to the red cardstock.  Last, I printed the party information on vellum, traced the same shape I used for the comic book piece, cut them out and used vellum adhesive to attach them. 



Lucky for me the new Close to My Heart catalog had a new line of paper and stamps featuring superheroes!  I, of course, had to buy the paper and stamps.  Here is a peek at a couple of the stamps that I used on each envelope for the Spiderman invitations.  Stay tuned to see the fun paper when I show you what I did for favors! 

I thought these invitations turned out Spider-rific!  They weren’t too time-consuming either.



St. Patrick’s Day Treats March 15, 2012

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These dipped Oreos with a little St. Patty’s Day feeling were super fast and easy to make. 



There are only 3 ingredients required:  Mint Oreos, White Almond Bark and Green Sprinkles.



We melted the almond bark in a mini crock pot so that it would stay warm and not harden in the middle of dipping.



Dip half of the Oreo cookie in the almond bark and place it on a piece of waxed paper.  Immediately sprinkle the part of the cookie dipped in almond bark with green sprinkles.  That’s it!  EASY, EASY!






These shamrock pretzels were very easy as well!



Again, all you need is 3 ingredients:  Mini Pretzels, Hershey Kisses and Mint M&Ms.



Heat your oven to 200 degrees.  Place the pretzels on a cookie sheet covered with waxed paper.  Place one Hershey’s Kiss on the top of each pretzel.  Put them in the oven until they are melted through. 


Immediately, place 3 mint M&Ms like the picture above (pushing the chocolate down).  I needed to put these in the refrigerator to help them set up quickly.

 Yummy, O’Yummy!


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