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A Tu-Tu Table Skirt for Little Miss Baby Girl! April 17, 2012

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When I saw the idea for this tulle table skirt on Pintrest, I just knew I had to make if for our baby’s nursery.  We are so excited to be expecting a baby girl in early June!  I’ve gone a little “pink crazy”!  One afternoon my mother-in-law came over and helped me put this tu-tu table skirt together.  It was a quick and fun project.

I bought the pink feather lamp at Hobby Lobby — had to have it!!!


We followed the directions to make this tu-tu table skirt from eHow.  They were great instructions.


The table came from a local thrift shop.  My mother-in-law painted it a pale pink (Poetic Princess) the same color the walls in the nursery are painted.  She also had a spare round glass left over from a rummage that we set on top of the table.


4 spools of 6″ pink tulle

1 Spool of pink flowered ribbon

Piece of 1/2″ elastic

Needle and Thread

Small nails


Stick Pins



1)  Measure the perimeter of the table and then subtract 3 inches to cut the correct length of elastic.

2)  Join the ends of the elastic together and sew them together to secure.

3)  Next, measure the distance from the edge of the table to the floor.  Multiply this measurement by 2 and cut your tulle strips to this length.  In our case we cut the strips at 50 inches each.

4)  Fold one of the strips in half and make a loop at the folded section.  Hold it against the elastic and place the ends through the loop and pull tight.  This will make a slipknot.  Repeat this with each piece of tulle pulling the knots close together until you’ve gone all around the table.

5)  Put the skirt around the table and secure it into place by hammering nails into the side of the wooden table.  We first tried pushpins, but they showed through.

6)  Last, tie the flowered ribbon around the table covering the elastic with the tulle knots.  I secured the ribbon with stick pins.  I may eventually go back and stitch the ribbon to the elastic so I don’t have to worry about little hands getting poked with pins.

The pictures really don’t even show how full this skirt is.  It is even cuter in person!  I hope our little princess will like it.  I do have visions of little hands yanking on the tulle strips and little people hiding under this table.  It will be cute until she is mobile anyway!


8 Responses to “A Tu-Tu Table Skirt for Little Miss Baby Girl!”

  1. Holly Says:

    can you see the top of the table through the glass? did you just paint it?

    • tidbittimes Says:

      We just painted the top of the table a light pink (same paint we used on the walls). If you are anywhere near South Dakota I’m looking for a home for the tu-tu table since we ended up with a surprise baby BOY.

  2. Kristyn Says:

    This is the best tulle skirt instructional I’ve come across on the internet. THANKS!

    • tidbittimes Says:

      Thanks, you are so kind! It was a pretty simple project and turned out so cute. I just had to sell the table because we ended up having a baby boy instead of the baby girl identified on the ultrasound! Hope your project goes well!

  3. stacey Says:

    Do you still have the pink lamp?

  4. jj Says:

    how many feet or yards in each ” tulle roll? cute idea thanks

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