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April 19, 2012

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I had several reasons for tackling this craft project.

1) I wanted to learn how to use my “new to me” sewing machine.

2) I wanted to make a more springy coffee cuff for my co-workers.

3)  It looked like fun!


Turns out I met all 3 goals for this project!  I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out the sewing machine with the combined help of my 9th grade home ec. experiences and the sewing machine’s user manual.  Not that is was a speedy process, but successful no less.


I found this idea quite a while ago on Pintrest (of course).  Pintrest led me to the blog Love 2 Create.  Here I found wonderful step-by-step instructions on how to make these coffee cuffs/cozies.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

 2 different fabric designs

Quilting batting

Coordinating thread

2 buttons per coffee cuff

one thin hairband

a coffee cuff from your local coffee shop to use as a template


After I shopped for all the supplies, I had to send my husband to the local bagel shop to pick up some Saturday morning bagels and coffee so I could get my coffee cuff template to use to make this craft.  Win – Win for me!


Using a fabric pencil trace an opened coffee cuff onto the wrong side of one of the fabric pieces.   Cut out the fabric 1/4″ from your drawn line.

 Lay the first cut out piece on the second design of fabric, trace and cut.

Then use one of the piece of fabric to cut a third piece out of a thin layer of quilting batting.


Next, pin all three pieces together in this order

  1.   fabric with markings (wrong side up)
  2.  fabric right side up
  3.  thin batting piece

Place a hairband between the two layers of fabric.  Make sure the fused end of the hairband is hanging outside the fabric.  (I see from my picture I have it backwards.)  Flip the top layer of fabric over the hairband and secure the hairband with two pins.  Continue to pin the rest of the fabric in place to get ready to sew it.

Be sure to mark a 2-inch opening with pins so that you are able to turn the fabric right-side out when you are done.  Using your markings as a guide sew around the whole cuff, but do not sew the 2-inch opening you marked off.  Sew over the part with the hairband a couple times to make sure it is very secure.

Cut off the corners at each end of the coffee cuff.

Also, cut off the end of the hairband that is sticking out.

Turn your fabric right-side out through the 2-inch opening and press with an iron.  Last, sew a straight stitch across the 2-inch opening.

Place your cuff around the coffee cup you will be using it for and pull the hairband to the place you wish to place the button.  Mark this spot with a pin.

Hold buttons on either side of the cuff and make two stitches to secure the button.  Next, slip a toothpick through the buttons on both sides to give it a little wiggle room.  Finish sewing on the buttons.

You are done and can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or give it as a gift!

Since I had given my co-workers cups with a winter cuff (see here), I made cardboard coffee cups with the new cuff wrapped around it.


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