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May Day Baskets April 30, 2012

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Tomorrow is MAY DAY!  When I was growing up May Day was a big deal in our neighborhood.  There were several kids living on my block and we had fun bringing treats to each other.  I think I’ll always remember the best May Day basket we got was a caterpillar made from an egg carton filled with Brach’s candy that one family made every year.  I want to pass on the May Day tradition to my kids since it is so much fun!  Since we don’t know too many people in our neighborhood, we made treats for daycare.

I found this idea of Pintrest by Skip to My Lou.  It turned out to be a fun project for Will and I to do together (part of it anyway).



Springy Scrapbook paper (8-1/2 x 11″)  — one sheet for each basket

May Basket Template (see link below)

Popsicle sticks (one for each flower)



glue stick

glue dots

Hershey Kisses (or other candy or your choice)


I started with picking out several springy patterns of scrapbook paper.  I used the 8-1/2 x 11″ sized paper.  Then I photocopied the template (found here) on the back of each sheet.   After I went back and read the instructions, they said to use cardstock weight paper, but the regular paper seemed to work just fine.    One night I sat in front of the TV (amusing my husband by watching some documentary he was interested in – ugh!) and cut out all the pieces.  I decided to forgo the tag that says “Happy May Day”, but you can include it if you want.

In about 30 minutes Will and I had all the flowers put together and cones made.  Will attached a Popsicle stick to the back of each flower with a strip of tape.

Next, I put a glue dot on the back of each Hershey Kiss and Will stuck them in the front center of each flower.

See how the regular paper supports the candy — so glad I didn’t have to go buy cardstock!

The rest of the project I completed on my own.  Take each cone pattern piece and glue one edge using a glue stick.  Next, roll the cone to a point on one end and secure the glue.  Last, add the paper handle using your glue stick to attach either end to the opening of the cone.

You can fill the bottom of the cone with candy or tissue paper.  Stick three flowers into each cone.  I found you had to put something in the cone or the sticks don’t stay in very well.



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