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Family Birthday/Anniversary Board May 16, 2012

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Here is my latest project.  A friend of mine saw this idea on Pintrest and asked me if I thought I could make it.  I decided to make it just in time for Mother’s Day as a gift for her mother.  It was a fairly easy project (especially if you have others to help with the wood cutting and drilling).  The idea came from The Idea Door.



Wood Squares (1-1/2 inches)

Craft Paint

Foam Paint Brush

Scrapbook Paper

Modge Podge

Rub-on letters and numbers

Eye Hooks  (I needed 17 for this project)

2 Hangers to put on the back of the board to hang on the wall


I had the board pre-cut from another project.  I found the 12-in. wood pieces at Michael’s Crafts and had my husband cut them into small squares.

I picked out three coordinating scrapbook papers to cover all the wooden pieces.

I painted the back and sides of all the wood pieces to create a nicer finish to the pieces.

After cutting the paper to fit the wood pieces, I used Modge Podge to adhere the paper to the wood.   In addition to the large board, I also adhered paper to each of the small square pieces.  Before putting on the top coat, I used rub-on numbers and letters to the squares for the months of the year and the names/dates of the birthdays and anniversaries.

I put two top-coats of Modge Podge on all the wood pieces to create a matte finish and to protect the paper.

Here is where I needed the help of my dad and hubby.  They drilled very small holes along the bottom of the board and in the square pieces so they could be hung using the eye hooks.  This was probably the most challenging part of the project. We ended up gluing the hangers to the back of the board (one on each side) using epoxy glue since the nails were too long for the thickness of the board.

 What a fun project to make for a family gift (especially if you have a big family).


2 Responses to “Family Birthday/Anniversary Board”

  1. This is such a beautiful idea for keeping the family organized! You could even go other directions and paint the hanging squares with chalkboard paint so they can be constantly updated allowing this to replace ugly wall calendars.
    Or in a classroom! What a great way for teachers to keep track of their students birthdays. Love this idea, great job!

    – My Home Life Magazine

  2. I love this! 🙂

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