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When “It’s a GIRL!” turns out to be “It’s a BOY!” June 29, 2012

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It’s a GIRL, no It’s a BOY!!!

June 5, 2012 has become a very special day in our family.  It also includes quite a story to tell!  Many people have asked me what I was thinking the moment after our new baby was born and the nurse told me the little girl we had been waiting for was actually a little boy.  Let me try to put into words my thoughts that special day.

Back in January we had our 20-week ultrasound.  If you’ll remember we didn’t find out the gender of our baby that day, but had the tech write it on a card.  We took the card to the bakery to have a reveal cake made.  We had some friends and family over for a gender reveal party.  Here is a picture from the grand moment!

We were all so excited it was a girl and couldn’t believe it.  Everyone, except our son, Will, who just knew it was going to be a sister and was so excited.  He was going to have a sister and her name would be Lilly.  When people would ask Will if he was having a baby brother or sister he would almost always say, “I’m having a sister because the cake was pink.”

Even though you hear stories of people who were told they were having a boy/girl and end up with the opposite sex, I really didn’t think it would happen to me.  Due to my “advanced maternal age” I had a high-definition ultrasound which I thought would give someone a fairly clear picture — right?

We quickly collected lots of cute girlie outfits (mostly dresses, of course) and I went nuts making frilly things for the baby girl — all pink nursery.  We are talking hours and hours of time spent on some of the projects.  I also like to be prepared so I took tags off of all the small-sized clothes and washed them up.  Weeks before our baby arrived I posted on Facebook that I was going to be in so much trouble if our baby came out a boy (was this mother’s intuition?).  I wish that intuition would have kicked in a lot sooner.

Here is a quick picture of the girl nursery.

 So, as you can see we were ALL READY to bring home our brand new little girl.

Fast forward to June 5th now.  We headed to the hospital at 2 am to officially start the labor/delivery process.  We had fabulous nurses, but really enjoyed our nurse, Jen, who was with us the bulk of the day.  We told her all about how we knew we were having a girl and had everything ready to go.  Once again I qualified that with how much trouble we’d be in if the baby came out a boy.  At 3:30 pm the moment we had been waiting for had finally arrived.  We started the delivery process around 3:45 pm and at 4:23 pm our sweet baby entered the world!  Our doctor was busy caring for the baby.  Someone in the room asked what the baby was.  Our awesome nurse didn’t miss a beat and said, “It’s a girl!”.  I felt a brief moment of relief and then another nurse in the room (closer to the action) said, “No, it’s a BOY!” Then they held him up for me to see and sure enough “It’s a BOY!”

I think the first thought I had (other than thank goodness that he’s finally here) was, “Oh no, all that work and time I spent on the nursery that I just loved will have to be redone!”  I can honestly say I wasn’t upset or emotional that I wouldn’t have a daughter, but two sons.  Soon after the shocking announcement they handed me our new little boy and I was instantly in love.  He was so sweet.  We were so grateful we had a healthy baby!

The funny part was that everyone we called or texted to share the news didn’t believe us.  They all thought we were joking.  Almost everyone had to be told more than once that yes, indeed it is a boy.  At one point I told my husband that he would have to text a picture of the baby’s boy parts just to prove we were not kidding.  Our little guys was quite the talk of the hospital.  When my parents told Will his baby was here, but it was a little brother instead of a sister he cried.  Once he started to process the information (in his 4 yr old brain), he finally came to the conclusion that the bakery had sent us the wrong cake for our reveal party.  We thought that was great reasoning.  He just loves his brother!

So, the next day my mother-in-law went to our house and repainting the nursery blue and removed all the pink decorations.  It was so nice.  I was glad I had taken pictures a few days before the baby came.  Stay tuned and I’ll post before and after pictures of the nursery once we get all the finishing touches made.  My mom ran to the store and was able to find the same going home outfit I had bought only in the “little brother” print.  So, to explain the first picture in this post…. I just had to take a picture of him wearing the “Little Sister” outfit.  He cried and cried in that outfit and calmed down once I put the “Little Brother” outfit on.  Once I got home my mom helped me pack up all the girl clothes and replace them with little boy clothes.  There were a few items we were able to return or exchange.

So, all in all I just love being a mom of boys!  There is a part of me that is a little sad that I won’t get to have that mother-daughter relationship that is so special.  I’m a little sad I won’t get to shop for cute dresses and hair bows, but that also means I won’t have to shop for prom dresses and wedding dresses in the future.  We are very blessed to have our sweet baby boy, Bennett James, and wouldn’t trade him for anything!


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  1. Erin Says:

    I love your story Alicia! What a special story you will have to share with little Bennett!

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