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stART ~ What is the 4th of July? July 3, 2012

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It has been quite a while since I’ve gotten a stART project posted on here.  Hopefully, we’ll be back on track now.  We have done a few projects this summer, but I haven’t gotten them posted yet (soon, very soon).  I thought I would start with the project we did today in anticipation of the 4th of July tomorrow.

We read the book “What is the 4th of July?” by Elaine Landau.  It is a nonfiction book that looks at the symbols and history of our country’s birthday along with common 4th of July traditions.  Most of the book contains photographs rather than drawings, which adds to the information – especially for young children.  It is a very short story as well.

We made a Firecracker Noisemaker for our art project.

I found this idea on Pintrest which lead me here.  This was a very quick and easy project.  Will could complete the project  independently for the most part. A  short book and quick project are perfect for the minimal attention span of a preschool boy.


Empty water bottle

Tinsel coil with stars — Star Garland

Red, White and Blue beads

Red, White and Blue star confetti

Red, White and Blue things you can find around the house

1) Take the label off the bottle as well as the lid.

2)  Place loose items in the bottle (beads, confetti, etc.) — this will make it sound like fireworks.

3)  Cut a couple 12-inch pieces of star garland and stuff, or curl, it into the bottle — this will look like fireworks.

4) Put the cap on and shake the bottle to make some noise!

5) Kids can bring their bottle when watching fireworks and shake their it every time fireworks go off.



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