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stART ~ Bats at the Library July 24, 2012

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Today Will and I read the cutest book, “Bats at the Library” by Brian Lies.  The illustrations are just as wonderful as the rhyming story.  The bats are very excited to find that the librarian has left the window open at the library one night.  They all fly in for a night of fun devouring books, making shadows on the wall and copying themselves on the copy machine.  They are so engrossed in listening to books that they are startled by the sun coming up outside.  They flee from the library in hopes that the librarian will leave the window open again soon.



While looking on Pintrest I found this cute bat project from Enchanted Learning

This project was super easy and quick!


egg carton (3 sections)

black craft paint

foam brush

yarn, string or a rubber band

wiggly eyes

First, I cut the 3 sections from an egg carton.  I cut each one separate, but I should have cut 3 in a row and then cut a half-circle from the two outer sections to create the wings.  I had to later glue the sections back together.  Next, we painted the sections with black craft paint.   Let the pieces dry.

Once the pieces are dry (I had to glue them back together).  I poked a hole in the top of the center section and inserted a piece of yarn and tied a knot in the end and tied a loop at the top.  Last, we glued on wiggly eyes.

We are just hoping this is the only type of bat we have in our house (yes, we speak from experience – ew!).


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