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Milestone Birthday Bouquet July 30, 2012

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Do you have someone celebrating a milestone birthday soon?  My sweet friend entered the 30 decade last week.  This is the gift I made her for her surprise party.  It was a really fun project to make.


2 bags of Tootsie Pops

Scrapbook paper

Scrapbook paper circles and letters

Styrofoam Ball



Cover the box with scrapbook paper.  Measure each side of the box and cut the paper to fit.  Glue the paper to the box.  I also covered the edges of the box’s lid.  I set the box inside the lid to create some dimension.

I glued the paper circles with letters to the box.  I used the Cricut Keystone cartridge to cut the letters and the George Basic Shapes cartridge to cut the circles.

Place the Styrofoam ball inside the box.  Next, push the Tootsie Pops into the ball until it is full.


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