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stART ~ Butterfly Butterfly September 3, 2012

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This week for stART we read the book “A Book of Colors: Butterfly Butterfly” by Petr Horacek.  It is a book of fun illustrations.  The illustrator put so much thought and planning into the pictures.  On many of the pages there are cut outs where the picture on the previous pages completes the cut out area on the next page.  Will was fascinated by this.  The last page also has a pop-up butterfly that he just loved.  It is a good book to teach colors with, too, for the really little ones.



This book’s art project came from “Family Fun” magazine possibly the May issue (I’m not really sure since I tore out the page).  It was a fun project, we did in a few steps.  Will enjoyed it.

Take a piece of white paper and fill it full of colors using watercolor paints.  Will and I painted the paper together.  He discovered the less water he used the brighter the color.

Randomly painting the colors will result in a beautiful butterfly in the end.

This was the final product of our painting.  Let the puddles of water and paint dry completely.

Once it is dry fold the paper in half.  Trace your child’s hands with closed fingers as shown above.  Cut along the lines and unfold your paper into a beautiful butterfly!

Will enjoyed the painting part so much that again today he asked for a sheet of white paper and painted random colors all over it all by himself.  He must have enjoyed the project.


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