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DIY Small Chalkboard September 8, 2012

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If you are a Pintrest user or a faithful Facebook user, you have seen this chalkboard idea used to document the first day of school.  I had pinned this idea quite a while ago and of course waited until the last-minute to execute the project.   You could not find a small chalkboard anywhere in town, so what’s a mom to do, but DIY!

I started by walking the aisles of Hobby Lobby and Michael’s looking for supplies.  Here is what I came up with.  This project was quick and easy and turned out even better than a chalkboard off the shelves — I think.


Unpainted Wooden Plaque

Foam Brushes

Chalkboard Paint


I’ve used the chalkboard spray paint before, but wanted to try to Martha Stewart acrylic chalkboard paint this time.  I have to say it was slick!  I felt it worked just as well as the spray paint and your finger didn’t hurt from spraying the can.


All you have to do is brush the chalkboard paint right on the wooden plaque.  Follow the painting instructions on the bottle of paint.  You have to let it dry for certain periods of time between the two coats and before using chalk on it.

After it has dried write on the board with chalk and erase it to get started.

Find yourself a kiddo going back to school!  I can’t believe my first baby is off to school already.

The sky’s the limit for ways you can document the first day of school using your chalkboard.  I liked the idea of adding what the child wishes to be when they grow up.  I had to explain this to Will a bit.  I thought it was funny he came up with Pizza Maker (after his first response of Transformer).  I can’t wait to see the progression of back to school pictures through the years.

(p.s. — Babies, don’t grow up too fast)


2 Responses to “DIY Small Chalkboard”

  1. Katie Says:

    The chalkboard looks great, and I love the “when I grow up…” portion of the first day of school photo! Wonderful idea!

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