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Tidbits from January! February 1, 2013

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January Collage

I came across this idea when I found a new blog to follow.  Team Payne uses these numbered collages to capture a collection of different happenings.  I thought this would be the perfect way to summarize each month’s happenings at our house and to keep a record of events when my memory fades me of all the little fun things!  So here we go with the first month!

1.  We kicked off the New Year with a New Year’s Eve party at our house.  We had a few friends and their kids over for some food and fun!  The kids destroyed the toy room having fun and rung in the New Year (Eastern Time) by watching the Ball drop on TV in Time Square.  They really got into blowing their party horns!

2.  Will just loves his cousins (especially his Livi!).  Tre and Alivya were here from Lincoln to stay with Grandpa and Grandma.  One day I took all three kids sledding!  They had a blast.  It was one of the first times I had ever been sledding on a “big” hill.  I was glad my Will has a very cautious personality telling me the big, big hill was “too dangerous” for him!

3.  Bennett is growing so fast!  He has been tackling all the solid baby foods.  We have gone through all the fruits and vegetables now.  He definitely favors the orange foods while the jury is still out on the green stuff!  It is so funny to watch the faces he makes when he is unsure of a food or gets a taste he’s not expecting.  I think he will be our good eater!

4.  I just love watching Will and Bennett’s relationship grow.  Here is a shot of them playing a car video game on the TV.   Will wanted Bennett to play, too.  We set him up with his new car toy he got for Christmas.  They really just adore each other!

5.  Bennett’s new trick this month was learning to sit up without support!  He is doing so well.  It amazes me how he can sit and entertain himself with toys.  Everything is still in the mouth at this stage, but that was probably due the little tooth that just started to sprout these last days of the month.

6.  Since Bennett is our good little eater he’s really chunking up!  I just love those chunky baby thighs!  He will now tolerate being on his belly.  Sometimes he will start to rock back and forth.  He would really love to figure out that crawling thing, but isn’t there yet (much to the relief of his mother!)


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