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Valentine’s Day Cards March 6, 2013

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Valentines_Chart 015

These are the Valentine’s Day treats we made for the grandparents from Will.


First, I took pictures of Will smiling, puckering up and blowing a kiss.  I used Pic Monkey to make a collage.  I then printed the collage in colored ink on white cardstock.  You have to make sure that the collage prints at the bottom of the paper so it can be folded over the bag of candy.


Fold the cardstock in half.  Fill a snack sized zipper bag with Hershey Kisses and seal it.  Staple the cardstock picture collage to the top of the bag.  That’s it — easy peasy!

Valentines_Chart 015

Valentines_Chart 014

Bennett’s card was a little more involved, but it turned out so cute, I think.

hand print collage

Oh the fun of trying to get a painted hand print from an 8-month old baby!  He did pretty well, and we didn’t even get paint all over the place.  I decided to paint the red paint on his hand rather than dip his hand in a pool of paint.   It was a good call!

Valentines_Chart 010

I cut the card out of patterned cardstock.  I found the speech bubble image on one of my Cricut Cartridges and cut it out in white cardstock with a red shadow piece.  I used a black marker to hand write the messages on the card.  I cut around Bennett’s paint handprint leaving a white border.  I also cut a white heart out of paper and glued it on the handprint.

Valentines_Chart 011

Using the handprint as my measuring piece, I cut a picture of Bennett in a circle that would be covered up when the handprint laid on top of it.  I also cut a small rectangle out of white cardstock to make the handprint piece movable.

Valentines_Chart 012

Valentines_Chart 013

I folded the white rectangle in half and glued one end to the back of the handprint and the other half to the back of the picture.

Valentines_Chart 014

Last, glue the picture to the card.  Make sure you glue it low enough so the handprint is in the correct place on the card.  I also wrote a note on the back side of the handprint.

Two fun cards from two adorable boys for two sets of wonderful grandparents!


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