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St. Patrick’s Rice Krispie Treats March 15, 2013

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St. Pats Rice Krispie Treats

These St. Patrick’s Rice Krispie treats were a hit at daycare this week.  The idea came from none other than Pintrest.

I made the regular recipe for Rice Krispie Bars.  I put them in a deep cake pan, but maybe should have made a double batch to get the thicker bars like shown in the Pintrest picture.  These turned out nice, too.

March 025

I bought some cake pop sticks at Wal-Mart.  I punched out squares from green cardstock and stamped on them.  I punched a hole at the top and bottom middle of the square.  I then put the paper on the stick by threading the stick through the holes.  I guess this was the kids’ favorite part of the treat.

March 027

I pushed a stick into each cut Rice Krispie square.  Then I dipped it in chocolate (light cocoa candy melts).  I just dipped the bottom and sides in the chocolate.

March 026

March 028

I immediately shook green sprinkles over the melted chocolate.  First, I was going to dip the bar into the sprinkles, but then thought that would coat them too much.  It worked better to just shake the sprinkles on.  I set them on waxed paper in a cake pan for easy transport to daycare.

March 029

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!


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