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March Tidbits April 17, 2013

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March Collage

I know, I know, this is WAY past due, but still wanted to share our March Tidbits.  As you can see we had A LOT going on in March!

1.  Here are our adorable boys in their matching Easter outfits.  We actually celebrated Easter a week early on Palm Sunday since we were set to jet off to Cancun for Easter weekend (more later about that)!  I found Bennett’s checkered outfit first and then employed my mother-in-law to make a matching tie for Will.  She did such a great job!  I think they look so cute in these outfits.

2.  Our little Benny turned 9 months old in March.  He is getting so much personality!  He really is a vocal kid experimenting with so many sounds.  He really likes to put an open hand on and off his mouth “ba-ba-ba-ba”.  It is so cute!  He continues to be a good eater, but has yet to sleep through the night (sigh!).

3.  Our first “baby” turned 5 this month!  Wow, a whole hand old now!  He was so excited for his birthday and turning into a big boy this year!  He brought Avengers cupcakes to preschool on his birthday.  Those of you who know Will know he has been a finger-sucker since he was 4 months old.  This month his fingers became so chapped that they started to bleed.  Even though I felt so bad for him it was the perfect cure for this soothing habit!  He is no longer is sucking his fingers and “tapping” his hair.  He really is growing up!

4.  Will’s 5th Birthday Party was at the bowling center.  He had about 10 friends/cousins at his Avengers/Ironman party. It was a wild affair, but I think they all had fun.  It was so fun to watch Will play with his very best preschool buddy, William.  They sure are two peas in a pod!

5.  On Will’s actual birthday we met my friend, Laura, and her son, Alex, at the Pizza Ranch for a fundraiser event called St. Baldrick’s.  It is a fundraiser for childhood cancer.  We went to support a high school classmate of ours whose son is a cancer survivor.  It was a great event!  Will and Alex LOVED the people dressed up in Star Wars gear.  Will and his dad also spent this month watching all the Star Wars movies.  It is a new love at our house.

6.  The boys with their Easter baskets –  The Easter Bunny made an early stop at our house.  Since Will just had his birthday it was hard to come up with something to put in his basket.  We took the practical route and got him new tennis shoes (much-needed) and it turns out he was super excited about them!  Bennett got Sophie the giraffe a teething toy that’s all the rage from yesteryear.

7.  A HUGE highlight of the month was our getaway trip to Riviera Maya, Cancun for my brother’s wedding!  It was the first time both my husband and I have traveled outside of the USA.  The boys stayed with my husband’s parents (THANK YOU!).  It was a quick trip, but so wonderful!  We stayed at Now Sapphire an all-inclusive resort.  The weather was a welcomed change from the never-ending winter in SD.  This picture was taken one night before dinner.  You can also see the “beautiful” tan/burn I got on my arm — oops!

8.  Mr. and Mrs. Tatge!!!!  I was so happy to have the opportunity to attend Tim and Ashley’s wedding!  I was also thrilled to be a bridesmaid!  The wedding was so beautiful on the beach.  Ashley looked gorgeous, Tim was very dapper and all the details were perfect!  It was fun to get to know Ashley’s family and friends as well as my brother’s friends!  We wish them many, many years of happiness and love!


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