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April Tidbits May 12, 2013

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April Collage


1.  Following our several April snowstorms, we were finally able to get outside and play in the snow.  We stuck to this corner of our backyard to avoid any falling tree branches.   This is the best we could do for a snowman.  It was Benny’s first time out in the snow!

2.  Bennett James turned 10 months old (yikes – double-digits!) this month.  He learned several new “tricks” this month.  He had another tooth poke through, which, of course, was accompanied by an ear infection.  He started army crawling and scooting to get places.  He gave us back the signs for “more” and “all done/gone”.  Lastly, he learned to sit back up from the crawling position.  Our little baby is growing so fast!

3.  Talk about growing up fast…we took our oldest “baby” to Kindergarten Registration this month!  We walked as a family over to Laura Wilder Elementary to get all signed up for next year.  Each of the three kindergarten teachers had something special set up in their classroom for the kids to do.  Will is diligently watching his plant waiting for the flowers to bloom so kindergarten will start!  We also had his last preschool conference and Mrs. Tams said he’s ready to go to kindergarten!

4.  South Dakota was hit with an ice storm April 9-12.  Many homes were without power (including ours) and many people lost trees and had damage to their homes.  We bunked with my parents for a couple of days until our power was restored.  Schools were closed for several days (IN APRIL!).  As I’m writing this it is May and the City is still doing tree branch clean-up.

5.  Will and Bennett started taking a bath together – which is fun for them and efficient for me!  They just love it!

6.  Ma’s Boys was inducted into the South Dakota Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame on April 13th.  My husband’s Uncle Mike plays bass in the band.  We attended the ceremony/concert.  It was very exciting and Ma’s Boys sounded fabulous all these years later!

7.  Here are the boys on our annual trek to the Lions’ Pancake Feed!  We go every year with friends.  It was Bennett’s first time.  He even ate a whole pancake!  Will just eats the sausage links.  We had a great time, although Daddy wasn’t able to come with us this year.

8.  The end of the month brought another celebration.  We held a wedding reception for Tim and Ashley (my brother and sister-in-law) who were married in Cancun last month.  It was a beautiful day and great fun to see Tim and Ashley again as well as many friends and family.  Wishing them all the best!


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