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StART ~ Summer Days and Nights May 27, 2013

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We are ready to really begin our StART projects for the summer.  I have planned out our books and projects for the whole summer so hope we can keep up!  We started off the summer reading “Summer Days and Nights” by Wong Herbert Yee.  This is a short rhyming book that explores different summer activities for day and night.  I know we are ready for some summer after the late taste of winter we had here in the Midwest.  We even have a huge list of activities ready to be checked off (come back soon and see our list).

Summer Days and Nights

We decided to make a summer treat to give at daycare during our last week there.  It is hard to believe that my firstborn is completely done with daycare now since he’ll be going to school in the fall.  We have been blessed with wonderful daycare providers for Will (Beth, Daddy, Grandma T., Grandpa P, Brooke and Marsa).

summer kool aid

I had pinned this project on Pintrest a while back.  It came from The Crafted Sparrow (which is a wonderful blog I just started following – love it!).  It was a fun gift, although I did most of the project since Will lost interest and it was too hard for him.

May 016


Curly Straws (I found them 6/$1 at the Dollar Tree)

Packets of Kool-Aid

Printable Tags (download from The Crafted Sparrow)

Bakers Twine

Hole Punch

Plastic Bags


May 017

This is the part Will helped me with.  We put a packet of Kool-aid into a plastic bag.  Since the bags were a little bigger than the packet we folded them over and taped the bag in the back.  This way the bag fit tightly around the packet.  I used the plastic bag so that I didn’t have to punch a hole through the Kool-aid packet and lose all the powder or chance it getting wet.

May 019

Next, I used a small hole punch to punch a hole through the tag and plastic bag.  I used the bakers twine to tie the packet and tag to the curly straw.   That’s all there is to it.

May 018



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