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Summer To-Do List May 29, 2013

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summer to-do list

Here is another Pintrest project completed and ready for some SUMMER FUN!  I’m off from work for the summer and like to keep busy (I am not a homebody at all — never have been).  I thought about doing this last summer, but it just never happened (with a new baby and all).  This year the project is completed and we have already started checking off our list!

There are so many cute Summer to-do list projects out there on Pintrest.  I had a hard time deciding which one I liked the best.  I finally decided on the rainbow-themed one from Fingerprints on the Fridge.  It was actually a much quicker project than I was anticipating.

May 004

This was actually a pretty cheap project to make, too, or I have a huge craft supply hoarding problem!  I didn’t have to buy one single item.  I found a frame just the right size in our pile of pictures/art we aren’t using.  I just took out the old Eiffel Tower picture and Viola – re-purposed!  I dug in my scrapbook paper stash and found every color of the rainbow (yes, I have a paper problem!).

May 006

Next, I cut several strips of the colored scrapbook papers.  Random isn’t easy for me, but it was kinda nice to not worry about straight lines and measuring.  I love how it turned out, too!  The only  measuring I did was the width of the frame so each strip would fit into the frame.

May 007

I laid each strip slightly on top of the other right on top of the cardboard backing from the frame.  I used scotch tape to tape the pieces together.  Nothing fancy as you can see.


My absolute favorite part of this project was the downloadable “Happy Summer” graphic from The Rubber Punkin.  I printed that off, cut it down and adhered it to the rainbow piece.  Making the actual “to-do list” probably took the most time.  I added things I knew we wanted to do and then looked at other lists online to create our list.  I decided I wanted a really long list so I added little things like blow bubbles, get ice-cream and sidewalk chalk along with the bigger events.

To finish off the project, slip the rainbow strip piece into the frame and secure the back.  Now use a Sharpie marker to write your Summer To-Do List right on the glass of the frame.  I read somewhere that you can write in Sharpie and then clean it off with Windex when you are done (I think fingernail polish remover works as well).  I like the Sharpie marker since it doesn’t rub off when you look at the list and check things off.

summer Collage

This project has been really good for our family.  Will is SO into it.  Everyday he gets up and asks what we are going to do from our list.  Here is a glimpse of a few things we’ve done on our list already.  Looks like we’ll be busy!  Wishing everyone a wonderful start to SUMMER!!!


One Response to “Summer To-Do List”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    It looks great! Love the list– sounds like a fun summer! Whoohoo! 🙂 xo

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