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May Tidbits! May 31, 2013

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May Collage



1.  Our little Bennett turned 11 months old this month (so close to the big birthday).  He has really taken off with development the last couple of months!  He still has such an outgoing personality.  He is starting to really crawl up on his knees more often.  He loves to eat and claps his hands (meaning “more”) every time any food is in sight.  He is quite the parrot, too, trying to repeat everything.  The cutest by far is hearing him try to say cock-a-doodle-do!

2.  Will’s preschool held a Mother’s Day program early this month.  It was such a fun little program.  The kids sang songs and played bells for all the moms (and one dad).  Afterwards they gave us these gifts (a special card with a message and decorated plate).  The teacher read each child’s card aloud to the group, which was quite entertaining and sweet!

3.  We also reached a milestone at our house with preschool graduation.  It was a nice ceremony and Will received a “diploma” with his picture on it.  Can’t believe he is off to kindergarten next fall!

4.  The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile made a stop in our city and also to a church right near our house.  It was a fun little event where we toured the hot dog car, ate hot dogs and Will enjoyed a shaved ice slush!

5.  This month we had to say good-bye to my grandma.  What a special lady who lived a wonderful 99 years!  Most of all she loved to see her 9 great-grandchildren.  This is a picture of Grandma holding Bennett last summer.  He had the charm to light up her whole face even when she was so sick in the hospital.  

6.  Today we are wrapping up another school year.  This year is a different, bittersweet sort of good-bye.  My boss will be retiring after many years.  He is one of the best bosses anyone could ask for.  He is such a kind person who allowed and trusted us to do our jobs while always saying family comes first.  We wish him well on his new adventure of retirement, but know he will be greatly missed in the world of special education.  

7.  Bennett just started pulling himself up along furniture (or window sills).  He just loves his new view of the world and giggles with excitement.  

8.  Mother’s Day was a lovely day spent with my boys!  This mommy even got a little time to sneak away down to her crafting space.  This picture was taken on our outing to Dairy Queen Mother’s Day evening.  I’m so blessed to be Mommy to Will and Bennett!


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