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stART ~ Wake Up, Henry Rooster! June 2, 2013

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To kick off summer I looked for a book that had something to do with the sun.  Who knows the sun better than roosters, right?  We read the book, “Wake Up, Henry Rooster!” by Margriet Ruurs.  Both the story and illustrations are wonderful in this book.  It is about a teenage rooster who loves to stay up late taking in the farm nightlife, but also loves to sleep in!  This isn’t a problem until his father is out of town and Henry needs to wake up the sun each morning.  Read this cute book to find out how Henry solves his problem of not being a morning rooster!

wake up henry rooster



For our project we tried these Oil Sun Catchers I found on Pintrest and education.com




Construction Paper

Baby Oil w/ small container




Hole punch


First, Will traced around a bowl to make a circle on construction paper.  We used two different sizes.


To practice cutting skills, I had Will cut out each circle (even though it kills me to have jagged edges).  He really impressed me though – yeah preschool!  We are still working on how to hold the paper/scissors while cutting a circle.


Pour a little bit of baby oil into a small container.  Have your child use a Q-tip to paint a design on each piece of construction paper.  Here you can talk about and predict what will happen when you use oil on construction paper.



Last, punch a hole in the top of your sun catcher and thread a piece of twine through to hang it in the window.  I would try letting the oil completely dry before hanging them up.  For some reason our sun catchers turned into one big blob of oil by the end of the day.  They were cute to start out with and really worked!


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