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stART ~ A Father’s Day Thank You June 16, 2013

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This week we needed to get ready for Father’s Day, so we incorporated it into our stART project for the week.  Of course we needed a Father’s Day story to start us off.  I found the book “A Father’s Day Thank You” by Janet Nolan at our library.  It was a really cute story about sibling bears that are busy picking out just the right Father’s Day gift for Papa Bear.  Each child gets Papa the “perfect” gift like they’ve given the year(s) before.  Baby Bear had the hardest time figuring out the perfect gift.  Check out this book to see what he decides is the best gift of all.

A Father's Day Thank You



My Dad Tie

I found this idea from Kelley on Teacher Idea Factory and, of course, Pintrest.  Will really enjoyed it and it was fun to watch his face light up (and the embarrassment) when he gave it to his dad today for Father’s Day.



Tie shape cut from construction paper

1/2-inch wide strips cut from a different color of construction paper

Computer generated paper with questions printed on it

Computer generated paper saying, “My Dad”

Glue Stick


Makign Tie Collage

Glue the strips of paper diagonally on the tie shape.  Flip the tie over to the back and snip off the ends at the edges of the tie.

Finishing touches Collage

Here is how it looks when you are done gluing and cutting.  Next, I asked Will the four questions (My dad can…, My dad can…, My dad can… But my dad can’t…).   He really had a hard time coming up with something his Dad couldn’t do.

Daddy & Will

Well, here’s Daddy and his mini-me!  Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there today!


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